Davy Crocket and other Hillbilly Friends

IMG_1080“Oh God!” I said. “We’re going to be late. Do we have the tubs and books in the car?”
“Yes, I packed everything. What’s the address so I can plug it into the GPS?” Janna said as we buckled up in Starr’s car and pealed out of the Davy  Crockett Birthplace State Park.

Tonight, I was teaching my Hypnosis and the Subconscious Mind class’ at the Atlantis Spiritual Center in downtown Johnson City, Tennessee. Rev. Edward had been an absolute earth angel in arranging as many workshops as possible for me to facilitate over the next week. Given the fact that there was little time to promote, I assured Rev. Edward I was not attached to how many people showed up and felt grateful to do what I loved on such short notice. Even if only one person attends my workshop, that is one person I trust the Divine has guided to receive healing of some kind. I teach with the same fiery intensity no matter how big or small the audience.

On angel time as always, Janna and I quickly parked and ran into the Atlantis Spiritual Center. The store was beautiful. Decorated with crystals and treasures from all over the world, it was a sight to be seen. The founder, Kay, greeted us and walked us back to the side of the building to the room where I would teach. Already guests were coming in, curious to learn what hypnosis was all about.

The light bulbs lit up above the audiences’ heads all evening long and Kay seemed to enjoy herself as well. She had this gentle, loving, grounded personality with soft eyes that communicated she was safe and approachable. Kay and her staff treated us like family during our magical week in Tennessee and did everything they could to make us feel loved and at home.

Davvy Crockett Birthplace RV ParkBack at the Davy Crockett RV Park, Janna and I were starting to wear on each other’s nerves. Being cooped up in a small home on wheels was a stretch for both of us and there was little space to have any personal down time. I was emitting a lot of energy, not only trying to make this tour happen by the seat of my pants, but also financially taking care of us both. And especially after teaching, I need time to rejuvenate and be in my own energy field. I had quinoa and cut up vegetables all over the counter when Janna and I crashed into an emotional power struggle. Both of us felt insecure that our needs would not be met. Both of us felt insecure of our needs not being met and though we had communication skill training, a volatile power struggle seemed more seductive than conscious communication at four in the morning.

The following day I felt weak and miserable. I had leaked a tremendous amount of energy on the button-pushing battle field and said hurtful things to my friend in a desperate attempt to shut down the fight. Though it worked, I felt horrible about using my intelligence as a weapon against someone I loved. I prayed that God would give Janna a distraction for the day so that I could be by myself and rebuild my lost energy. I felt so low, that my finances reflected my loss of power. We would have to park in a Wal-Mart parking lot soon if I did not get back on my pivot point and find the strength to manifest what we needed.

riverI went for a walk down to the river and prayed for guidance. Over the past few years I have become so sensitive to other people’s energy that I have trouble knowing where my energetic field ends and another begins. My empathic nature has been a great gift to understanding and helping those I serve, but being so sensitive can also feel like a nightmare at times. I’ve turned into a bit of a hermit and have found solace living in the woods, tucked away from the abrasiveness of civilization. I want to feel safe just like anyone else and quite often I feel scattered and vulnerable after being around people for long periods of time. Reflecting on a rock, I saw a dad with his two young boys approach with fishing rods. Both boys couldn’t have been any older than five and wore little baseball caps and held Mickey Mouse fishing rods in their hands. Their dad, close behind, cautioned them to be careful as they hopped from rock to rock toward the river. The innocence of the three of them melted my heart and I felt safe to walk back to the campsite.

path to riverI stopped by a dock overlooking the river and an older man named Jim and his dog, Sadie, came over to greet me. Jim was a hilarious story-teller with a country twang that hooked my ears. He told me about his great-great-grandpa who ran moonshine stills in “these parts round yonder right here” as he pointed to the hills across the river. I laughed hysterically as he told me that one man chased down another man who owed him a dollar and shot him.Jim & Sadie

“Did he die?” I asked wide-eyed on the edge of my seat like a little kid sitting around the campfire waiting for Pa to deliver the punch line.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah,” Jim said, with a long country draw and mischievous twinkle in his eyes. It was all I could do to hold in my roar of laughter triggered from his corky Hillbilly mannerisms. I was completely mesmerized by him and his stories. I looked up to see Janna mingling with a few other campers who were building a fire. Thank God we both had a day to ourselves.

Jim and Sadie wondered off to finish their walk and I headed over to Janna. Her new friends shared their campfire wrapped-in-foil-meal with us along with a few beers. Janna mentioned that the park’s patrol, Renny, had also invited us over for hotdogs on the grill. I felt relieved that food was being offered in abundance since we were out of groceries and money.

I left Janna with her new friends and party-hopped over to Renny’s campfire. He told me stories about being a cop while he roasted hotdogs over a grill he made from the inside of a commercial washing machine. As country-bumpkin as that may sound, it was the classiest grill I had ever seen; light-weight, easy-to-make, portable, and could sell for a pretty penny if he ever decided to turn that into a business. Truly, this grill was brilliant. We joked about our first impressions of each other the first night Janna and I arrived on the campground past midnight.

“I could not believe you came out in your underwear with a gun!” I said. “We are two young girls with three cats for crying out loud!”

“Well, you know, the minute you started speaking, your voice was so calming and peaceful that I wanted to get a better look at you in the moonlight,” he confessed. “You sounded like an angel. Then, when you came down the next morning to pay for your campsite, I was speechless. I have seen many people pass through here throughout the years, but you were the most exotic creature I had ever seen.”

It was hard for me to take in such a kind compliment after feeling so depleted from the night before. I knew the Divine was placing certain people in my day to give me love and help strengthen back up my self-esteem. Little by little, my energy was coming back and my prayers of abundance were being answered.

The next morning, Janna and I didn’t speak about our breakdown, but I got by her body language that she wanted to move forward and make the best out of this trip. She went canoeing down the river with her new friends and it gave me another day to be in my own space.

Campfire friendsThat night, we had dinner with her campfire friends again. This time the menu was corn soaked in butter and seasonings and wrapped in foil while resting on the fire. After downing shots of Peppermint Schnapps and Jack Daniels, we all thought it would be a fun idea to sneak into the Davy Crockett Park after hours.

As we were walking through the park, something pushed me forward and I slammed flat down on my face in the dirt. I just laid there with my nose kissing the sand for a minute, confused as to “what” pushed me. It wasn’t the fellow I was walking with. “Damn ghost,” I said stumbling to my feet. I could feel spooks all over the historical site and could even hear laughter through the veil of the night sky when I took my nose dive into the dirt.

I usually don’t drink liquor…they call it “spirits” for a reason. Wine does me fine, but liquor sometimes opens me up to being tampered by little ghost butt heads. With scrapes on my knee, nose, and both hands, I dusted off the dirt and convinced the group that skinny dipping in the nearby lagoon was a bright idea…which is another reason I stay away from liquor. After enough shots, I’ll skinny dip with the pope.pushed by a ghost

my angelI managed to make it back to my camper and woke up the next morning still in my dress and spooning my cats. Janna was awake and having breakfast with our new friends at their campsite. She tried to tell one of the guys that I was not a morning person and to let me sleep, but he insisted on knocking on my door anyway to see if I wanted breakfast. I opened one eye like an angry werewolf and prayed for his sake that he would go away. He then, God bless him, walked into my camper.

“Jai Maa, I made some breakfast for you. Are you hungry?” he asked.

“I’m not ready to wake up yet. I will come out when I’m ready. Thank you,” I snapped. Poor thing. I can be quite ferocious when I’m woken up before I want to be. I rolled over and slept for another four hours.

Later that afternoon, Jim and his wife stopped by my camper to give me a sticky note with a scribbled map to the best mom-n-pop restaurant “round yonder down the hill right there.” Jim was something else. The map he drew on the sticky note was so precious, I wanted to pinch his cheeks.

Say "no" to Jack DanielsJanna and I looked like zombies as we drove through the rolling hills on a mission for food. We only backed up a few times, waving down a local once and asking where the two-story red barn was on the yellow sticky note we held out the window. By this point, Janna and I had accessed our hustler skills to get us through until my next set of workshops. We thought about who owed us money, who we had helped in the past and would help us now, and who would be generous enough to just give us a quick financial boost. As a result three amazing men from Florida came to our rescue and put money in my PayPal account. By the grace of God, we stayed safely at the campsite, abundantly fed from our new RV park friends and avoided the Wal-Mart parking lot. We were so grateful. God is great and our faith was once again affirmed!

beauty 4The sticky note map prevailed and the mom-n-pop restaurant was the most adorable shack with an extensive collection of country knick-knacks all over the walls. Who would have thought a charming place like this would be all the way up in the hills past a few corn fields in the middle of nowhere? After ordering what we wanted, Janna went to the bathroom and I pulled out my debit card to pay.mom-n-pop shack

“I’m sorry ma’am. We only take cash or check,” the waitress said in a country accent you only hear in the movies. I just starred at her blankly with a face that expressed hang-over-from-hell and thought I would cry.

“Wait, hold on!” I said as I fingered through the side pocket of my handmade Om purse from India. Something told me to put a few ‘emergency bucks’ in that pocket and it was exactly enough for the bill and even a tip!

Janna and I couldn’t wait ’til we got back to the RV park to eat our take-out. We tore into that barbecue like two starving vultures and got lost in the hills along the way back to our camper. Like dorks with barbecue sauce smeared across our faces, we sung our favorite mantra to the top of our lungs: “All our needs are always met abundantly. Amen.”
beauty 1“Scenic route today Janna, cause I don’t know where the hell we’re at,” I said, eating french fries from my lap. Every turn we made looked like a post card. The scenes were so beautiful.

“Look at all the corn in that field!” I shouted. “We should pull over and grab us a few ears for dinner.”

“Um…and get shot?” Janna asked. “These people up here aren’t afraid to just bury us in the mountains. You know that, right?”beauty 3

I was only half-joking, but she had a point. We were back in harmony again and felt at peace. I’ve known Janna since birth and have experienced some crazy adventures with her throughout my life. As much as we pester each other like siblings, she is my “ride or die” friend and would travel to and through hell with me if I needed her to. Even though at times we wanted to pull each others’ hair out, I was grateful she came with me on this magically bizarre book tour.


To learn more about the Atlantis Spiritual Center in Johnson City, TN, CLICK HERE

To learn more about the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park, CLICK HERE

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