Threshold Coaching

If you are creating a goal that stretches you outside your comfort zone and are tired of the same results only your limited mind knows how to produce, then try Threshold Coaching with Jai Maa. You will apply and learn how to master the threshold principles and you will also have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your Source. Jai Maa is a no-nonsense, intuitive coach and healer who infuses each session with empathy, compassion, and empowerment. Coaching can be offered in person or over the phone.

Jai Maa is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (practicing since 2007) and uses the powerful self-healing tool of hypnosis to help her clients change limiting belief systems at a subconscious level. Hypnotherapy shifts the core of unwanted behaviors, raises confidence and self-esteem, and helps clear the blocks that are inhibiting joyful, abundant manifestation. Hypnotherapy is most effective in person, however, basic hypnotic programming can be given over the phone. In this case, Jai Maa will create the intake with you and either email you an MP3 or snail mail you a CD of your personalized hypnotic programming session.

For Threshold Coaching and/or Hypnotherapy rates and package discounts, please call 352.514.3122.


Guest Speaker / Faith Minister

Do you need a dynamic, high energy, comical story teller or motivational speaker for your upcoming event? Jai Maa is available for a variety of inspirational speaking engagements. She has been the keynote speaker for various conferences and retreats as well as a guest minister in churches and spiritual centers. Jai Maa has also spoken for high schools, meeting groups, and event fundraisers.

Please fill out the contact form with your needs for your next event. You can also call 352.514.3122 or email if you have any questions.

Testimonial from a Transitional Spiritual Leader at Unity of Gainesville Florida:

I highly recommend Jai Maa to you as a spiritual teacher, lecturer and workshop leader. Jai Maa is a lovely young woman with a powerful personal story. She is a confident, intelligent, enthusiastic teacher who possesses an uncanny ability to share complicated spiritual truths in simple, easily applicable ways.

Jai Maa is not just teaching the same lessons of consciousness that we have already heard. Her teachings are based on her life experience. In her book and her workshop, Jai Maa shares truths that she has discovered and applied to create the successful life she has chosen to live. Her story will inspire the members of your church to make choices for themselves, take action, and stay the course until their dreams come true.

Over 50 people attended Jai Maa’s workshop here at the Unity of Gainesville. We are a small church, and those numbers speak to the power of Jai Maa’s ability to create her own success.

In today’s world, we need more leaders like Jai Maa to inspire and lead others, young and old, to achieve the success they so desire. Everyone has a mission, and Jai Maa’s teachings will help your members manifest their unique contributions in your church, your community and our world.

I am pleased to recommend Jai Maa to you highly and without reservation.

-Reverend Marty Dow




Break Through Your Threshold
Have you ever created a goal outside your comfort zone and health issues, relationship drama, and time or money breakdowns appear and threaten to stop you from reaching your vision? In this workshop, you will learn the psychological and metaphysical reasons why you are unconsciously attracting obstacles anytime you create goals outside of your comfort zone. You will also learn faith-based paradigms for manifestation and how to consciously co-create with God. When you understand your role and God’s role in manifesting your vision, you will see why compromise is unnecessary and faith is your greatest power.

Shadow Work
All of us have darker aspects of our personality that we would prefer not to be there. We tend to shun these parts of our self because we believe we are unlovable with certain traits. As a result, we project those traits onto the world around us and believe we are victim to the behaviors of others! Come learn how to stop creating unnecessary judgment, struggle, and drama in your life. You will learn how to allow those who trigger you the most to be the mirrors to your greatest self-healing.

Breathwork is a powerful tool that assists in releasing stuck emotions that are at the source of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, digestive problems, asthma, insomnia, and many other physical and mental issues. You will breath deep, consistent breaths from your diaphragm until your cells begin to vibrate. Once your cells vibrate, the density of heavy emotional memory becomes loosened and is released through a natural catharsis. Many people report feeling peaceful, grounded, and with less mind chatter after experiencing breathwork. This workshop is not recommended for pregnant women or those suffering from major heart problems.

Leaking Energy
You do not need more energy, affirmations, tools, or prosperity gadgets and gizmos to be wealthy and attract the life that you want. You have all the energy you need to attract everything your heart desires. You need to stop leaking the energy you have. This workshop will help you understand where you are leaking your energy into relationships, habits, and negative thoughts that do not serve you.

Discerning Truth from Illusion
Can you tell when your mind is telling the truth? Have you ever received advice from others that seems logical but leaves you feeling heavy and disempowered? The intelligence of the heart is a million times more powerful than our hypnotized minds. This workshop teaches a powerful, easy-to-use technique which will help you bypass the errors that have been programmed into your mind and help you discern Truth from illusion.

Conscious Communication
This experiential workshop teaches empathic listening skills, assertive communication, and how to give and receive feedback without shutting down or being defensive. You will learn roadblocks to effective communication and why giving advice, judging, psychoanalyzing, and even praising and rescuing someone from their pain is a disservice to their growth and self-realization.

Hypnosis & The Subconsious Mind
Ever wonder how hypnosis works? Your subconscious mind is about a million times more powerful than your conscious mind. The belief systems in your subconscious mind create 99% of your life. Hypnosis is a tool that facilitates healing in the subconscious mind, changing negative beliefs into positive believes so you can live the joyful, healthy, prosperous life you deserve.

Give & Be Rich
Have you ever received a gift from someone with energetic strings attached? Perhaps they want you to praise them for the gift or they keep tabs and expect you to do give something to them later. This kind of giving is actually a form of taking. This workshop reveals the games we play around giving and why we are congesting our prosperity by having attachments to our gifts.

It is your Divine birth right to be wealthy! In this workshop (most often offered as a series), we will dive into three important vessels of prosperity: giving, cleansing, and receiving. When you learn how to give from the spiritual vibration of faith, detachment, and gratitude, clean up the “clogs in your channel” and say YES to yourself and let love in, you can access the “Heavens” or ethers with grace.

Testimonials from workshop participants:

“What would a person who loves themselves do in this situation?” was a question I did not realize I had a divine right to ask.  At the time of my first Jai Maa workshop I was floundering in life and was deeply in need of direction.  My connection with God was weak and my self confidence was very low.  I found myself in a hole which I very much did not know how to climb out of.  Actually I did not realize the joyful fulfilled life I could have.

Pre-studying with Jai Maa I did not understand the potential locked inside of me.  These workshops busted holes at the wall that I had build out of doubt, shame and fear.  Profoundly and suddenly the tools for life change and soul acceptance were in front of me.  Unlike other avenues I had tried in the past to foster meaningful growth, Jai Maa’s classes gave me tangible tools and a process to follow.  That road map to connecting with who I am at a soul level is what I’d been searching for years to find.  Her tools gave me a freedom to trust in myself and the path I was co-creating with God for my life.

One of the more profound tools for my journey of healing was the concept that I needed to experience emotions rather than resist them.  My life before had been ruled by the perception that I was not suppose to feel anger, fear, or emotional pain.  I learned that what I had been exposed to are other peoples fear of these emotions.  I had allowed their fears to shape me in a profoundly negative way.  Taking what I had learned from Jai Maa I gave myself permission to feel and accept these emotions as honored elements of who I am.  Having the tools to experience anger, loss, rejection and then to know that it is natural, needed, and purifying gave me soul release,  Previously I would trap these emotions in my heart, allowing them to be a destructive force to my confidence and joy and health.  Knowing how to experience life’s inevitable dark times without becoming trapped there gives me a profound, soul healing hope.  Jai Maa’s workshops empowered me to look at struggle and see opportunity to teach my soul.  Soul lessons connect me with the beautiful being that had been walled up behind insecurity and allow her to be free.

-Kara Huebsch

Jai Maa is a blessing that was sent to me to help me understand my true purpose and my life. My objective observation of her presentation, Break Through Your Threshold, is that it was the clearest and most authentically honest description of the relationship of spirit and human life journey that I think is possible. My subjective observation is that I was able to understand everything she talked about, because I have experienced all of it as separate episodes during my lifetime. I laughed a couple of times toward the end of her talk, because I experienced sudden joy in the realization that they way she put it together made me understand and accept the simple yet powerful meanings of my experiences. To put it in perspective, I am not discounting the work I have done or the help I have receive from other masterful teachers, but Jai Maa is the one who made me really understand the spiritual component and put it all together.

-Roger Smith

Jai Maa, what a blessing you are and how fortunate are we to experience your practice. Thank you for such and incredible experience and for my deep healing and release on Friday night’s breathwork session. My body felt an actual physical “leaving”/release of stored pain and I now feel so physically light, healthy and renewed as if I was 20 years old! I thought that I have been living in lightness and blessing my entire life, but I feel such spiritual “unweightedness” on such a profound level that I can’t wait for the deepening degrees of what comes next!!! I felt you as such an intuitive and spiritual presence and I would so enjoy going forward with whatever next steps you might recommend for me in your work. Thank you, again and again.

-Dee Jones

When I began coaching with Jai Maa, she drew me a diagram of the threshold model. I began listening to her Break Through Your Threshold hypnosis CD, and this turned out to be a great tool. Slowly, Jai Maa’s model started to sink in. It wasn’t really different than basic concepts and beliefs I had been exploring and cultivating a lot of my life, concepts often referred to as New Thought. But what was different for me was that here was a coach that truly believed these concepts and lived them. Successfully. Working with Jai Maa created an invitation to truly enter this paradigm, to give it an experiential chance, not just intellectual credit.

During my few months of coaching with Jai Maa, I never did really nail down the “What do you want?” step. Which is actually the first step. I just chose goals that brought me farther down the path I was already on, had already committed to, and desperately wanted to succeed at. But was that path what I “really” wanted?  I wasn’t sure, and wasn’t ready to decide.
I approached the “What do you want?” at a very general and internal level. Cultivating an internal dimension of Love was my own practice from long before this coaching, and that was the most specific I felt able to get to about what I most deeply wanted at the time, a dimension of love inside and in my experience.

With her support, I chose goals outside of my cautious conservative zone of safety, of playing small and not risking, so I wouldn’t fail. I chose nearly impossible seeming goals that culminated in my taking a week away from a business I had felt inexorably tied to. Getting things done with my team that needed to get done on a tight schedule. The work in itself was intimidating enough, but as predicted by the model, in addition to the work itself, a variety of additional major challenges and crises (obstacles) all appeared on the journey.
Challenges that required me to go beyond my comfort zone constantly and continuously, relentlessly required me to trust, surrender and trust, because it was absolutely obvious to me that circumstances were beyond my control. The number of challenges coming up in all areas of my life became comical, and I developed humor about it.

So as instructed by Jai Maa and the model, I practiced the step of faith, no matter what the challenge and how serious the implications, how bleak the potential outcome, I kept faith. And everything did work out, sometimes with miraculous synchronicity and timing. I did complete and deliver the work on time, and I did take that week off without incident. I had certainly moved through a lot of thresholds, but it would be a while continuing to work at it before I was really through. Now, one year later, I can say with confidence that it was terror that was freezing me and holding me back, terror of engaging, risking being seen, risking failure, risking commitment, risking loss of freedom. And I can say with confidence that I am no longer ruled by that terror. It’s there, but I have tremendous conscious choice to move ahead, engage, stay open, love, create. I have a lot of growth and manifestation ahead of me. I’m at the beginning of a more empowered journey. But I most definitely did break through.

Jai Maa’s approach surprised me. I had expected her to just nail me to the wall on being in integrity with my word and commitments, to push me like a sergeant. I had heard she was good at this.  And perhaps this was her style in the past, but her style now was very accepting and supportive.  I didn’t expect her to present to me a framework based on concepts that had always been near and dear to my heart, but which I hadn’t quite managed to fully step into. This was exactly the guidance I truly needed. That brought forth the me I really want to be.

-David Kaplan

Your book has been a goddess-send for me. I quickly blazed though it because it was full of advice I needed to hear. I realized that I’ve had threshold issues for a long time—I’ve been living much too small and within too many limitations of fear. It was encouraging to hear your perspective and gain wisdom for how to breakthrough my glass ceiling and see my dreams come true. I’m working on an music album release, the first part of which is a demo cd. I was working on it diligently and then the walls came up. I’m learning that I often sabotage myself right before breakthrough success. I experienced mental and emotional thresholds of self-judgement, criticism, grief and shame. I experienced body thresholds that caused migraines, sent me to bed for hours and left me depleted.

The other day, I wanted to be anywhere else and doing anything else but working on my recordings, but I knew that I needed to spend the time working on them in order to meet my deadline. I cried like a baby as I mixed and recorded. I kept moving through the energy hoping that I could get through it without giving up. It felt similar to “feeling the burn” when I’m exercising and pushing past my comfort zone–it was by sheer will-power alone! At my breaking point something shifted. It was a voice that said, “no more playing around. If you want to do this we’re doing it.” That kind of will-power was a phenomenon I had never experienced before. I felt a freedom and my resistance was released. I was able to hang on throughout these difficult experiences and thresholds because I understood and had vocabulary for what was happening within me as I recalled experiences you shared in your book. Thank you Jai Maa for giving the world a manual for Divine manifestation. It has truly changed my life.

-Rebecca Pethes

I was one of those people who put everyone and everything in front of my own desires.  In fact so much so, I suffered from severe Adrenal Fatigue. I would randomly pass out and found it hard at times to take care of myself, never the less my fifteen year old son.  I participated in several self improvement classes, books and groups looking for answers.  Until one day, this instructor showed up to teach a class after our Sunday service.  I was immediately drawn to her and even though I had not planned on staying, I am sure glad I did.  Break Through Your Threshold was a pivotal point in my life!  As I sat in class it came together like a matrix.  I experienced “ah ha” moment after “ah ha” moment.  One of the biggest lessons I learned was that I was leaking my energy and as a result I literally was affecting my own health.  I stepped into immediate action using the tools I had learned and started the clean up process.  I released things that didn’t serve me and started to instantly regain my energy.  Now, I take time to make decisions, to contemplate if it serves my highest and best good and I no longer feel guilty with telling people no. I got so much out of this class; it would be difficult to share it all in a few words. All I know is that by taking Break Through Your Threshold it speed up my learning and catapulted me into the life I have always dreamed of!

-Claudia Virga

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