The Abundance of Atlantis

IMG_1321Finally, the weekend was here. TGIF. Thank God I’m Free. Most people look forward to a weekend off, but I was looking forward to a weekend on. I had seven workshops booked and was eager to trail blaze through a fiery weekend of healing magic.

I stopped considering weekends weekends years ago. Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays were just like every other day of the week: free to create whatever I wanted with the time that I had. It didn’t matter when I worked because I didn’t work.

I played.
I created.
I served.
And I imagined the entire world living in a similar Heaven on Earth of creative freedom.

It was Friday night and I had three mini workshops booked for the downtown community art walk. Businesses along the district opened up their doors to people casually strolling in from the streets and the central avenue was blocked off from traffic. Inside the classroom of the Atlantis Spiritual Center, I hosted three short workshops.

One was about the three entrapments of the soul; glory, competition, and devotion. Glory comes from needing constant acknowledgement for deeds too small, competition derives from the consistent belief of lack in the world, and devotion comes from putting anyone on a pedestal or choosing to go up on a pedestal yourself…the belief that we are not equal. I explained why these three paradigms shackle a soul in human incarnation which opened up an enlivening conversation amongst the group.

In the next segment, I shared about the various ways we leak energy. We leak energy in relationships by saying yes when we mean no, in finances when we buy things that don’t serve our higher purpose in life, in our body when we don’t rest when we are tired, and in our mind when we worry about anything.IMG_1370

The last class I spoke about the distinction between Truth and Illusion, one of my personal favorites. With a volunteer demonstration, I showed how the heart easy opens and feels light whenever our mind is leaning toward a Truth and how it clinches and closes when our mind is engaged in illusion. As always, I included personal stories in each class and found people chuckling in relation with my clumsy spiritual growth process. One of my best attributes as a teacher is the willingness to be a vulnerable, transparent human with all of my flaws and shortcomings along with my power and beauty. If I can’t laugh at myself, then what’s the point in trying to teach others how to “lighten” up?

IMG_1305We were pleased with the evening and since the Divine had blessed us with money, Janna and I stopped at Walmart on our way home to get a few necessary groceries. Feeling like millionaires, we bought toilet deodorant for the RV tank, a few nutritious food items, and even treated ourselves to a Redbox movie, The Winter’s Tale.

Who would have thought that such simple things could bring so much joy and satisfaction? We were on the up-and-up.

Saturday was round two.

In the afternoon, I facilitated a breathwork workshop and led the room through cathartic breathing to discharge toxic emotion trapped in the cells. The room was softly lit from the sun trickling in from the windows and gentle African drumming and Native American flutes played quietly from the cd player in the background. The ambiance easily summoned the participants into trance as they began the deep breathing.

I moved through the space quietly, approaching each member and offering energy work to help shift their emotional blockages. The participants moaned, cried, screamed, and whaled their arms as they released decades of suppressed grief and anger from their bodies. The temperature increased by 10 degrees, which for me was a sign that angels where in the room assisting with the healing. At the end of the session, I led the group into a chakra mediation and rubbed the temples of each participant with lavender oil. Finishing up a breathwork session with a head massage is my own personal recipe of leaving one in ecstasy after they have moved through their emotional hell.

“I have never experienced anything like that in my entire life,” one participant said, “will you please do this again so that my fiancé can take this workshop? He needs to experience this.”
“Yes,” I said, “I’m sure I can arrange staying another day.”

After a quick lunch break, I came back for my signature workshop, Break Through Your Threshold. The founder Kay, her husband, Janna, and one other were the only ones there, but I didn’t mind. This is my baby. And I trust that whoever shows up is sent by Divine meeting. Even if it is just one person, I deliver the same enthusiasm as if I were speaking to an auditorium of people. By the end of the evening, we were all high on possibility and vibrating with joy. God I love my job.

Sunday, round three.

I began the afternoon with shadow work. Yummy. We all took a look at how we unconsciously project the unhealed parts of ourselves onto the world around us. I finished the day with one more Break Through Your Threshold workshop. Kay had spread the word that Break Through Your Threshold was a workshop not to be missed and the room was filled this time.

IMG_1278There was an older couple who sat quietly in the back with stony poker faces. I can never tell what people are thinking when they are quiet. What are they taking in? Do they jive with what I am saying? Do they think I am a load of crock? What?!! When the evening ended, they waited until most of the room had left before approaching me.

“That was the most remarkable thing I have seen in a long time. I knew you from Egypt,” the older gentleman said.IMG_1279
This man had my attention.
“Not many people recognize me from that life,” I said curiously and we continued to talk about experiences we shared from a long, long time ago.

Here I thought that I was boring this couple to tears, but they took in every word I said and saw me…they truly, deeply saw me. On top of the love I received, I also booked two clients and one more breathwork workshop before I left for the evening. Our trip was extending because of the demand of my services and it felt great.

IMG_1327Back at the Davy Crockett RV Park, we celebrated with wine, Goddess Dogs and a homemade apple pie. What are Goddess Dogs you ask? The most pimp hot dogs on the face of the planet!! I pulled out my griddle and sautéed bella mushrooms, garlic, and onions with rosemary and olive oil. Then I melted IMG_1345provolone cheese on mayo-layered hoagie rolls that had been toasted until the cheese melted down the sides. With a splash of Dijon and Barbeque sauce on the smothered sausage and garnished with a side of multicolored organic root chips dashed with lime, you’ve got yourself one hell of an orgasmic dinner.

IMG_1366We followed up our poetic meal with my first attempt at making an apple pie. Without a recipe, I heated maple syrup, cinnamon sticks and a touch of paprika in the griddle to make a gooey, bubbling hot sauce and sautéed the organic green apples we got from the farmer’s market. I spent top dollar on the best organic pie crust we could find and whipped up a pie like Betty RV Crocker. We moaned over the pie even more than we did the goddess dogs…life reached the gauge of perfect once again.

Monday made a delightfully unexpected round four.

I left for the Atlantis Spiritual Center to see a client for hypnotherapy and facilitated another breathwork workshop that evening. Just as promised, the woman brought her fiancé to the session and he, quite arguably, had the most powerful experience out of all participants from both workshops.

IMG_1244There’s something about facilitating healing work that makes me want to eat like a Soma wrestler. Back at the ranch, Janna and I whipped up a decadent salad with avocado and sharp cheeses. I have a hard time throwing avocado seeds away, so I began another avocado tree seedling. I have grown dozens of avocado trees and planted them all throughout Florida…it became a fetish. After moving in my RV, I slowed down my compulsive tree growing addiction due to lack of space to put all my little tree babies. IMG_1248The beauty of watching a seed grow into an actual tree that bears healthy and expensive fruit gratifies me on many levels. I’ve fantasized many times about having an avocado tree nursery and then planting them in yards all over Florida. There was Johnny Appleseed. I am Jai Maa Avocado Tree. I even turned my sister, Heifer, onto this fetish. She lives in Atlanta where avocado trees can’t survive the harsh winters, but she hosts sometimes dozens of baby trees, bringing them in her home during the snowy months. It literally looks like a jungle in her home around Christmas.

On our final day in Tennessee, we were already feeling nostalgic. I went into town with Starr’s car one more time to see a last minute client before it was time to pack up and head out for Ashville, North Carolina. Since I have a tendency to be on “angel time”, Janna was blowing up my phone like a stalker. She even called the store to see if I was still alive.

“Jai Maa, it’s for you,” the receptionist said as I walked to the phone knowing Janna was on the other line worrying about me. I’m comfortable being a lone wolf and having someone hunt down the hunter triggers me.

“I’m on my way, Janna,” I said briskly.
“Okay, okay, you’re just a few hours later than you said and I was worried. You know we need to be out of here soon, right? I just don’t know how to pack up.”“I’m coming now, we’re fine. Be there soon.” I don’t blame her for being worried. I was hours passed schedule, but who’s counting when you’re your own boss? I love being on my own clock…it is another beautiful sign that I am free. I hugged everyone at Atlantis and Kay gifted me with a few special quartz crystals before I left. The Atlantis Spiritual Center was a blessing and I was already beginning to miss them.IMG_1311

Janna and I scrambled around like mice and packed up in record timing. She was in a peppy mood about heading to Ashville and I was exhausted thinking about the night ahead of me. I left both Renny and Jim a signed copy of my book on the doorsteps of their RVs since they weren’t home and we pealed out of the Davy Crockett Birthplace R.V. Park.

We drove an hour and a half through rolling mountains of North Carolina sun-setting-beauty before arriving in Ashville near dark. I unpacked as quickly as possible, got my cats settled, plugged in the R.V., met our new yard host, gave Janna some money for groceries for the few days she would be there without me, and then drove three and a half more hours to Durham, N.C. to return Starr her car. I’m pretty sure I’ve earned my gypsy badge on my Girl Scout sash by now.

To visit the Atlantis Spiritual Center’s website, CLICK HERE!

To learn more about the Davy Crockett Birthplace Campground, CLICK HERE!

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