The MIP Tour: 3 Cats and a Shotgun

IMG_5055I was sitting on the toilet when my angels interrupted me, “This is your MIP Tour.” They don’t view privacy as important as we in human form do.

I flashed back to my 7th, 8th, and 9th grade school years where I learned an important lesson about my ability to succeed. I was a part of the swim team and was pretty much the slowest swimmer in the entire county. It was pitiful to watch me flop across the pool, trying with every bit of my might not to come in last. Everyone seemed to finish the races twice as quickly as I did. I flat-out sucked.

The following year, I somehow kept up with everyone. I didn’t practice over the summer, I was just much, much better. My coach even put me on the relay team because I could actually keep up with her best swimmers. That year, I received the MIP (Most Improved Player) Award.

Then, in my 9th grade year, I became a competitive one-meter-spring board diver and was pretty awesome at it. My school had never had a diving team before, and therefore never accumulated those extra valuable diving points to win a swim meet. I was the reason my school was now kicking ass and winning swim meets. That year, I received the MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award.

“My MIP Tour, huh?” I smiled as I got off the toilet.IMG_5060

On this tour, I was going alone with my three cats and a shotgun. I had been corresponding with The Light Center in Kansas for months and was finally ready to head out west. I felt vulnerable and scared, but ready for a new adventure that would stretch beyond my first tour. My first tour was so choppy, I almost gave up and sold my RV to move to Greece. The Divine had other plans for me…

I had a lot to prepare for. My sink was leaking, my check engine light was on, and I had lots of do-dads that needed repairing. My neighbor replaced my broken sink fixtures, and I crawled under my sink with a flashlight to repair a pipe that was leaking. I then popped my hood to replace my dead battery and fill all necessary engine fluids.

A fellow at the local auto parts store was so impressed by the fact that I was not only about to drive my RV by myself across country, but I was also willing to learn how to do my own RV repairs.

“Damn, you don’t even need a man!” he praised.

I frowned.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being an empowered woman. I pride myself by the fact that I can accomplish any task I set my mind to. I love my strength, courage, and versatile intelligence. I love being an independent woman who answers only to the Divine within me.

And, I would also love to share my life adventure with a partner. I would be awesome if the right man could help drive the RV, carry the heavy loads, put air in the tires, and empty the poo tank for me. You know, man stuff. I would prefer to simply wear goddess dresses, facilitate healings and seminars, and keep the home beautiful. As awkward as it is for a boss like me to admit this, I want to be taken care of.

“You have some kind of leak in the hose, but don’t worry. It shouldn’t cost much to get fixed,” said the local RV repairman. “Just take it down the street to the auto-repair shop. I don’t have the equipment needed to make this repair.”

Once in town, the auto-repair shop told me my repairs would cost $2,000! I broke down into tears as I drove back home. My trip was only two days away and I didn’t have that kind of money. I don’t own a credit card, and had no idea how I would come up with two grand in two days. I was in Have-Do-Be mode and felt devastated. If I only had the money, I could do the repairs, and be free to travel.

“How are you going to bail me out of this one this time, God?!” I said sarcastically with tears streaming down my face. I knew I was hitting my threshold and it was terrifying. I did everything I tell people not to do in my workshops. The first thing I considered was watering down my goal:

I could just take my car out to Kansas for the two workshops that are already booked…that’s if my run-down car will even make it to Kansas…..or maybe I could rent another camper. That’s what I’ll do, I’ll rent a camper!

I ran inside and started researching like a maniac in Do-Have-Be mode. If I did enough research, I could have a working camper and be free to go on my tour. Feeling “in control” again, I researched feverishly only to discover that to rent a camper just like mine would be six times the amount of my repairs! I felt scared of feeling humiliated if I failed. I am out there in the world challenging others to break through their thresholds and here I was, convinced that it was not possible for me to break through mine.

“God, I know you are bigger than my $2,000 expense…I know that I see this as an obstacle, and for You it is nothing. I feel scared that you won’t pull through for me,” I said pacing the yard like a coo-coo off their meds.
“You know, this could be another threshold breakthrough story to share with people on you next tour. Take yourself through your threshold process,” I heard my Guidance say.

Hope entered my consciousness again.

“Okay. So focus on what I want with no compromise. I don’t want to shorten my trip and drive my car. I want to take my camper, not a rental…with my stuff and my cats. I want my RV fixed, God,” I cried.
“Do you trust?” the soft voice of my Guidance said (and no, I’m not schizophrenic, I really do talk to my angels).
“I’m open to trusting again. I know God wants me to succeed.” I could feel myself touch the edges of faith consciousness. I wasn’t on my pivot point yet, but I was getting close.
“Okay, I am willing to play the game. I trust God! What do I do now?” I said with enthusiasm.
“Go mow the lawn,” my Guidance said.
“We are taking care of the Universal details. We can’t mow the lawn for you. You have to do that, so go do it.”

I grabbed the mower and began mowing the huge lawn, trusting that mowing was the only action step I needed to take in order to get to Kansas.

I was now in Be-Do-Have mode. I was being trusting that things would work out, so I mowed the lawn, and then I had the answer to my prayer ringing my phone when I went inside for a water break.

“I heard about what the car place down the street was trying to charge you, and I think you should get another opinion,” said the kind voice of my elderly friend, Getzen. “There is a retired fellow who lives a few doors down from you who could help and give you an honest price.”

Getzen couldn’t remember exactly which house this retired auto-mechanic lived in, so I knocked on every door down the dirt road like a mad woman. A gentle eighty-year-old man with a tremor in his hand named Mr. Railey answered the last door I knocked on. After taking a look at my engine, he suggested a leak sealant he believed would do the trick. And just like that, God turned a $2,000 expense into under $50 in one night.

I finished mowing the yard full of gratitude. I had tears of joy from breaking through my threshold and was now in the clear.

“You have to stop now,” my Guidance said.
“I just have a tiny bit more to do and then I’m done,” I said still pushing the mower.
“You’re having a heatstroke. If you don’t stop now, you will not be able to drive your RV. You have done a good job. Put up the mower and go pack your RV,” they said.

As I headed for the shower, my ears began ringing and I started to black out. I had weird cold spots on my face, and I felt like I was going to puke or faint or possibly both.
But I was on a mission. I showered, packed up my stuff, and drove me and my kitties to Atlanta with my ears still ringing from the heatstroke.
“You’re missing a piece to your RV,” my sister said knocking on my door at an ungodly time in the morning. I had arrived at around 3a.m. and passed out in the parking lot of her apartment complex. I walked outside to see that the door to one of my outside compartments had flown off while driving…nothing a little duck tape and a black garbage bag couldn’t fix.

With my sister following close behind, we headed to North Carolina to spend a few days with our folks in the Cherokee mountains. I had broken through one hell of a threshold, and was now in the vacuum effect. The greatest magic of my life was about to unfold.

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